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i feel dead inside.

it's not too bad, but thinking about it gives me the chills.

i need a sign!


oh the case of the mondays.

time for solitude.


Sometimes when I'm driving alone, I get randomly embarrassed. I believe it's because I force or subconsciously think of what I've done in past situations... I get so upset. I wish I hadn't done them. But then again, that's what life is all about. Everything is unexpected... isn't it?

I need to be more honest around the people around me. I must do better things for myself first. I hate the way some people think sometimes. It's funny, then I just get upset at myself for hating the way other people think in general.

What has become of me?

Is this what comes with finding yourself? Growing up? Am I mistaking this misguidance judgment for wisdom?

There are days when I believe I'm just a terrible person, and all I can do is blame other people's irrational behavior. Of course I'm wrong, no one can make me who I am but myself. I'm exhausted of getting confused. I'm tired of trying to create of image I want people to think of me as. I'm sick and tired of caring what other people think of me.

Is this me really shedding my insecurities?


I'm guessing so.

Watch out.


everything is peachy
birthday bashes soon enough, how exciting!!


I can't seem to put my finger on it.

I wouldn't necessarily say people are disappointing, maybe I just have poor social skills.

I've been watching Pineapple Express for the last three nights, it's so funny.

Stefanie's birthday is tomorrow... Marley Fest! I hope everything will be good.

I need new hope!!


2010 has made me dislike a whole bunch.

I lost a lot of friends. I don't know if that's good or bad... People are everywhere.


Meeting new people and developing relationships with them is somewhat painful.

You get to know them and then they get to know you, you want to back out now but you feel too bad. That's when the cold-blooded comes out and haunts you for good!

I feel like I'm turning into a grouchy old man, or an icicle.


I never went to that haunted house, but it's okay.
I just really want a cottage out in the woods. Or live in cold ass New York and eat Brooklyn pizza for the rest of my life.


old friends are coming back, it's refreshing and comfortable.

doing alright in all other departments. I cannot wait to go to a haunted house :(

i need to lay low.


I'm going to be Chung Li from Street Fighter for Halloween 2009.

I'm always going to have a little jammie business, along with my photography studio.

Money Hungry Hippos aren't gonna get the best of me!


So I'm just a BFF??

I fucking hate you sometimes.

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